I hear the Whispers in the Twilight

He often stands in the corner of the field
farthest from the house and barn.


Some say he stands there
just to escape the flies.
But I think it's his dreaming place.
This pasture he lives in
is large and open,
but it has a fence.
A boundary he can see through,
but cannot go beyond.


Part of a wild horse herd many years ago,
he still remembers.
When the only boundaries that held him in
were canyon rims and his own endurance.
When the need to feel
the ground disappear beneath his flying feet
was fully quenched,
before he stopped to rest.


That was then.
But he stands now at the farthest corner,
and remembers how he once ran free,
and never knew a fence.


Rae Turnbull

Summer's a grassy sea of ochre yellows

and dusty browns

in this dry, hot part of our north state.

The rains are done,

and won't come again

till the sun scorched land

is cooled by Fall.


Wherever you see a stretch of green,

you know that pasture has water to it,

from some irrigating well.

For unless they're changed

by the hand of man,

every open field on this valley floor

dries up like a critter's

sun bleached bone.


But I welcome the sight

of those buff colored hills

and sage gray brush.

It means there's still some space untouched

by anything but the natural cycle

It's known for years.

And it's learned to endure,

as all life must,

trusting the rains will follow the dust.


Rae Turnbull

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On July 21st, 2016, George Turnbull left this world for the one of greater beauty that lies beyond.
He leaves a legacy of grateful students and masterful artwork, and a love of life that inspired all who knew him.
His family still welcomes visitors throughout the year to his studio and gallery at the Turnbull ranch in northern California. The visit also includes an informal tour of their unique, art filled home.
For directions, please contact Rae Turnbull at 530-988-5758. 



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